The Future is Electric

There are significant obstacles on the path to our electric future. Infrastructure is woefully ill-equipped to deal with the massive power draw of electric vehicles (EV’s). We believe that carbon batteries can ease these troubles. Carbon Batteries can enable quick charging of EV’s where electrical power is limited, reducing range anxiety and furthering the electric future.

Our Roadmap

Carbon Battery

  • Scale production of our carbon batteries

DC Fast Charging

  • Leveraging our proprietary carbon battery technology, we are enabling fast charging of an electric vehicle anywhere, without the need for significant upgrades to electrical infrastructure
  • No more waiting hours for an EV to charge.
  • No more range anxiety.

Autonomous Vehicles

  • Autonomous vehicles face unique power challenges.
  • The need for high uptime and continuous cycling places heavy strain on chemical batteries.
    Supercapacitors storing power statically, remove this significant problem. Supercapacitors can store electricity 1000x faster. They can also achieve 100,000 charge cycles with negligible degradation. 
  • Supercapacitors can reduce maintenance and increase uptime.